Just like most people there has to be a beginning to everything you do. My beginning started in June of 2000 when I made the decision on looking for a new profession. Not happy with the outcome of my poodles grooming and having a cosmetology back ground I decided to take an adventure into the pet grooming industry.
I needed to learn- So... after many mistakes $500 of videos and using my poor poodle to learn the pet Clips I begin to feel like I had started to become a better groomer. I them began to work in a larger Salon here in Battle Creek. After learning even more there I felt ready for something bigger and Kalamazoo was my calling.
Wow, I begin to learn more than I could ever imagine at this even larger Salon. It was wonderful... This is when I began to go to grooming seminars. I begin to meet groomers with 30+ years of experience. I learn new tricks of the trade and got to work with new Innovative Equipment.
I begin to play with the thought of starting my own little business in Battle Creek in 2002. Having to leave the Kalamazoo Salon in 2003 I really didn't start to focus on Ann's Pet Parlor until 2004. I begin to venture alone. I returned to drive a school bus once more and tried to focus as much of my attention on growing Ann's Pet Parlor. All the while I still had the yearning to learn so I continue to return every year to Grooming Seminars in cities like *Hershey, Penn. *Chicago, IL. *Atlanta, GA. *Ohio, *Kentucky. I have even ventured to Mexico.
There is one thing that makes my salon very different than most.. (even 30+ year groomers don't like the idea) I groom *ONE PET AT A TIME* (or one family), -NO CAGE DRYING- All hands on... Most pets are completed within 2 hours or less. This relieves stress for the pet as well as for myself. There are always some exceptions. Give me a try, I might be the groomer you have always been looking for.
And that is my story..... You're dedicated Groomer, Ann

As the owner of Ann's Pet Parlor I have trained with IPG (International Pet Groomers, Inc.) With 17 years experience as of June of 2017 in the pet grooming industry I believe it is not the number of years experience of a groomer but the training, knowledge of the pet, and handling that you as a pet owner needs to look for. I participate in many grooming and behavior Expose and feel it is very important to try to understand the pets I come in contact with. Give me a call, I look forward to providing you with the quality and care you and your pet deserve.

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