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Ann's Pet Parlor Policies:                                                                                                           January 2007 - Revised May 2020

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage. Groomers are the first line of defense for the first signs of health concerns before they may become serious for your pet.

HOURS OF OPERATION:   All grooming's are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Although most pets behave well sometimes situations will occur because of their condition, age, or cooperation of the pet towards their grooming & this may cause us to run behind schedule. We book appointments every hour and half & it is required for the owner to be on time for their appointment. We do however take walk-In nail trims and with this in mind we always try to keep within the schedule. We reserve the right to refuse service if you are more than 15 minutes late and then may need to reschedule your appointment.

CANCELLATIONS & NO SHOWS:  Appointments not canceled within 24 hours (unless it is an emergency) is considered loss of income. We are a commission-based industry so cancellation and no shows can make it impossible for us to run efficiently & affordably. We reserve the right to charge half of the regular grooming fee on your next visit (due upfront, no checks). We also may ask you to come in and pre-pay before we are able to schedule or reschedule your appointment. *Second no show can result in removal from our client list, no exceptions. No shows are a total lack of respect for any business. 

DE-MATTING:  De-matting is painful, time-consuming, & a costly procedure that causes extreme discomfort for the pet. Matted coats will be shaved off (military clip). We reserve the right to charge an EXTRA $10 EVERY HALF HOUR for dematting services. Our philosophy is to offer a stress-free grooming experience for your pet. We will not perform any procedure that cause pain or stress level that we think maybe dangerous for your pet.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS:  You as the pet owner agree that you have disclosed all and any health issues, sensitivities, or allergies your pet may have during every visit with us. If special shampoos, conditioners, or sprays are needed you the pet owner must provide it in its original bottle with clear instructions. 

AGGRESSIVE PETS:   You the pet owner MUST inform us of any and all behavior problems your pet has had or may propose a threat of during grooming. If you have not disclosed that your pet has bitten or has had behavior issues in the past we have the right to hold YOU the pet owner responsible and liable for all cost and losses to myself, our head groomers, bathers, and the business.

ACCIDENTS/INJURIES:  Grooming is inherently hazardous for this reason we ask all our clientele to quietly inter our establishment and to not speak to their pet if they are still on the groomers table. Rarely accidents occur but keep in mind we are working with sharp objects around wiggly pets. Any injuries will be administered first aid and you will be advised of the injury and what to do for it at home. Some injuries such as Clipper Irritation and Ear Plucking Irritation may not be noticed until the pet is in its home environment. If you notice any thing amiss call us as soon as you notice it. We will not be responsible for a vet bill if you do not call within 24 hours upon returning home after your visit. In an emergency you give us the authority to get immediate veterinarian assistants. If your pet has pre-existing wounds you are recommended to seek veterinarian assistants immediately before or after grooming if grooming can be completed without causing more injury to the wound. We cannot administer first aid to pre-existing wounds.

CONCERNS:  If a change is needed in your pets grooming you must notify us when arriving to drop off or pick up your pet so we may correct it immediately. If other concerns arise about your pets grooming you must notify us within 24 hours of appointment time of that grooming. We will then discuss scheduling an appointment to resolve the problem at the earliest time available.

POTTY?:  It is highly recommended as a pet owner you should not feed your pet prior to its grooming & let your pet out before you come to our grooming location. If your pet does waste during their visit it is your responsibility to clean it up. A clean up station is provided in the waiting area & please ask for a potty bag if clean up is necessary outside of the building. Cleaning up after your pet takes up valuable time the groomer needs to complete your pets grooming. So please make sure your pet has time at home to do his business.

PRE BATHED PETS:  We can not accomplish a quality grooming unless we bath & fluff dry each pet, period.

THINKING AHEAD:  We are a busy salon & normally are booked out sometimes 2-3 weeks in advance. If you book your appointments in advance it ensures you will receive the grooming for your pet during YOUR most available time with no long waits or hassles. Most pets need to be seen every 6 to 8 weeks. I know it seems early to think about it but everyone wants an appointment as close to the major holidays. Not all pets can be groomed just days before holidays. Planning early ensures your grooming will be possible.

PAYMENTS: All payments must be made upon services rendered unless told otherwise. Cash is preferred but checks and credit are also accepted, with the exception that a $2 CONVENIENCE FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR ALL CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS.

You the pet owner has read & accepted these policies for this grooming today and any and all future grooming appointments for any and all of your pets and also to disclose any changes in your pets health or behavior on all future grooming appointments.

Just A Friendly Reminder -

We recommend you do NOT FEED your pet after 4pm the day before their grooming.
You may also want to pick up their water after midnight if they have an AM appointment

or the morning of if they have a PM appointment. 
This is to insure fasting so accidental incontinence are avoided.
It takes valuable time out of our day to continuously clean up after pet accidents. 
This will ensure we can keep prices down and spend all our time needed to tend to your pet

as well as others.

NEW AS OF 05/26/2020


1.) All grooming's are by appointment only

2.) Kennels are provided outside of my home if you choose NOT to enter the grooming room. One little one on the porch for small breeds and one in the yard for larger breeds. If you do choose to use the out door kennels you MUST take your leads and collars with you.

3.) You MUST take off any clothing or harnesses and take them with you. Leads and collars are permitted.

4.)I will NOT be wearing a mask. I have just moved and though your pets know my smell I would not want to startle any of them by having my face covered. Aggression can play a large roll in fearfulness.

5.) I will ONLY be excepting cash payments at this time.

6.) I have always and will continue to sanitize as usual. This practice has always been implemented.

7.) Only one vehicle in the grooming drive at a time. If there is a client in the drive please be patient and wait your turn. DO NOT  get out of your vehicle and allow your pet to roam. You need to potty your pet at home before your get to my establishment.